Kevin Durant and Celtics? What’s up with the Lakers? NBA offseason check-in on news, rumors

Kevin Durant and Celtics: The NBA Summer League is over. Free agency has slowed to a halt. A quarter of a billion dollars has been spent with maximum deals to spin your abacus.

But not everything is resolved as the NBA’s offseason takes place in late July and early August.

The Brooklyn Nets are still trying to figure out what they want to do with stars Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving (trade or keep), and teams are waiting to see where (if anywhere) the Utah Jazz land. Will trade All-Star Donovan Mitchell.

The latest on Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving

Boston has held talks with Brooklyn about acquiring Durant, USA TODAY Sports has confirmed following reports from ESPN and The Athletic. The person requested anonymity because he was not authorized to speak publicly about trade discussions.

Boston’s Jaylen Brown was mentioned as a key piece in a potential trade with Brooklyn, and he responded NBA-style by posting “Smh” on Twitter after seeing the reports.

However, ESPN cautioned that the Nets are no closer to trading Durant to Boston than any other team. Phoenix, Miami, and Toronto are among the many teams interested in acquiring Durant.

Brooklyn needs a significant return in a Durant deal, especially given what Utah got in the Rudy Gobert trade from Minnesota, and that offer has yet to be made.

Likewise, the Nets are unfazed by any offers for Kyrie Irving, including from the Los Angeles Lakers.

Where will Donovan Mitchell end up?

During a press conference following the Gobert trade, Jazz general manager Justin Zink said there was no intention of trading Mitchell but added, “I can’t sit here and say there is one (untouchable). “

Translation: Mitchell, a three-time All-Star, is available at the right price. The New York Knicks are interested and have enough first-rounder Zink and CEO Danny Ainge to satisfy a full rebuild.

Don’t count out the Miami Heat. They have long liked Mitchell and are considering making him an offer sheet if he hits restricted free agency with the Jazz in 2021. But that never happened because of Mitchell’s five-year extension with the Jazz before hitting restricted free agency.

Washington has also expressed interest in a deal for Mitchell. Training camp opens in about two months, and the Jazz will continue to call for deals involving Mitchell.

Kevin Durant and Celtics Whats up with the Lakers NBA offseason check in on news rumors 2
Kevin Durant and Celtics? What’s up with the Lakers? NBA offseason check-in on news, rumors

What are the Lakers doing?

Russell Westbrook and his agent, Thad Faucher, parted ways last week in a very public fashion that included a lengthy statement from Faucher to ESPN explaining the split. The Lakers would like to rid themselves of the final year of Westbrook’s contract ($47 million) but only for roster upgrades. There aren’t many ways to do that right now without any traction on the Irving front. The Lakers may also revisit their interest in Indiana’s Myles Turner and Buddy Hield.

Who got the bag this offseason?

Washington’s Bradley Beal, Denver’s Nikola Jokic, Memphis’ Ja Morant, New Orleans’ Zeon Williamson, Chicago’s Zach LaVine, Phoenix’s Devin Booker, and Minnesota’s Karl-Anthony Towns were among the players who made more than $20 million or more. Reached new deals close to Jokic’s five-year extension and one year remaining on his current contract will pay him $301.4 million over the next six seasons.

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