Nowruz 2022: The Persian New Year in Iran

Nowruz 2022 “New Day in Iran” a 3,000 years old festival for the people of Iran having Zoroastrian faith. The Nowruz is celebrated by many communities in Central and Western Asia. This festival celebrated on the Spring Equinox.


People of Iran enjoy 13 Days Nowruz Holidays as the spring arrival holidays. The arrival of Spring symbolizes the rebirth and the attestation of life in amicability with nature.

How Iranian celebrate Nowruz 2022?

People of Iran celebrate Nowruz festival by cleaning their homes, visiting friends and neighbors house, wearing new dress, like Muslims do in EAD, Women wear Spring Rings. Iranian make delicious dishes sabzi polo ba mahi, or herb rice with fish for families and relatives.


How is Nowruz celebrated
Nowruz 2022: The Persian New Year in Iran 3

When Nowruz 2022 will come?

This Even comes with the first day of spring on 21st March 2022. The arrival of spring make the earth blossom after winter season.

Nowruz Color 2022

On Nowruz People of Iran, Pakistan decorate their homes shops, and streets with green, crimson, black, and blue colors.

Nowruz Food in Iran

Nowruz in IRAN 2022 – 1401

People of Iran celebrating Nowruz night in Iran

Iran Street Walking Tour before Nowruz 2022 , Nowruz 1401

Nowruz 202 IRAN TERAN

The Nowruz Fire Celebrations Iran Tehran 2022. People celebrate their festival by by Jumping over the fire, Smashing the pot, Fortune telling, Burning rue and much more things..

Nowruz 2022 dates and calendars

Nowruz YearDayDate
2022MondayMarch 21
2023TuesdayMarch 21
2024ThursdayMarch 21
Iran Nowruz dates and calendars

He above post provide information about Nowruz 2022 Iran time. The Persian New Year 2022 Tehran Time and celebration. What people are doing during Nowruz 2022?

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