1 USD Dollar Highest Price in Pakistan Rupee Exchange Rate

USD Dollar Highest Price in Pakistan: The USD Dollar to PKR Today is Increasing now a days in Pakistan. Today’s Dollar exchange rate is highest price as compare to the previous days.


Today USD to PKR buying Exchange Rate is 186.7 in Pakistan Open Market. The USD to PKR selling exchange rate in Open Market is 1 USD 186.9 PKR.

US Dollar Rates Today

The US Dollar rate is increasing day by day in Pakistan. The US Dollar to Pakistan Rupee exchange rate is depend on open market dealers in Pakistan. Yesterday Dollar decrease 0% in Open Market. Last month USD dollar increase 1.6% per month. After increasing in 1.6% in Dollar the current rate is 186.7 PKR. Weekly fluctuates in USD to PKR shows decrease in value of Pakistan Rupees. Monthly fluctuation in USD to PKR in the last 30 days is 189 PKR. The Yearly Increase in Dollar exchange rate to PKR 21% which is 33.5 PKR.


What is the 1 USD Dollar Rate in Pakistani Rupees?

The Dollar to Pakistani Rupee Exchange Rate Today is worth 1 US Dollar to PKR = 186.2855 PKR.

What is the highest USD Dollar to PKR?

The highest Dollar rate is 187.89 PKR in 20 April 2022.

Why Pakistani currency is weak against the USD?

The Pakistani Rupee has been devalued against the US Dollar by more than 23% since July 2019. This has been caused by a number of factors including high inflation, low foreign reserves, Import-Export Effect, Money Laundering, stability in USD value, and a widening current account deficit.

The Pakistani Rupee has been weak against the USD because of a number of factors. One factor that has contributed to this weakness is that Pakistan imports more than it exports, which means that there are more dollars coming into the country than leaving it.

Another factor contributing to this weakness is that Pakistan has had a negative trade balance for many years, which means they have imported more goods than they have exported. This has caused them to accumulate debt with other countries and their own citizens.

How to calculate USD to PKR?

To calculate the USD to PKR rate, divide the number of Pakistani Rupees by the number of US Dollars. For example, if the exchange rate is 1 USD to 187 PKR, then 1 / 187 = 0.00534. This means that 1 US Dollar is worth 0.00534 Pakistani Rupees. The current USD to PKR rate can be found on numerous websites, such as or,

What strategies Government of Pakistan can be used to stabilize the US dollar?

The Pakistani rupee has been in a free-fall against the US dollar for the past few months. This has caused immense problems for the Pakistani economy, with imports becoming more expensive and exports becoming less competitive. This has led to concerns about the stability of the dollar in Pakistan. The government has been scrambling to find ways to stabilize the currency, but so far nothing has worked. In this blog post, we’ll examine some of the strategies the government could use to stabilize the US dollar in Pakistan.

  • The Government can use various fiscal and monetary policies to stabilize the US dollar in Pakistan.
  • Fiscal policies involve changes in government spending and taxation, while monetary policies involve changes in interest rates and the money supply.
  • The Government can also encourage private businesses and individuals to invest in Pakistan, which will help to stabilize the US dollar.
  • Increase the interest rates on Pakistani government debt, which would make it more attractive to foreign investors and help keep the dollar strong.
  • The use foreign exchange reserves to buy dollars, which would help support the dollar’s value.
  • Finally, the Government can work with international organizations to ensure that Pakistan receives the foreign exchange it needs to stabilize the US dollar.

What is today’s dollar buying rate in Pakistan?

To know the dollar buying rate for a certain day you can visit any one of the many exchange rate websites that exist. These websites gather data from various sources to provide their users with the most up-to-date information. The exchange rate is constantly fluctuating, so one day it could be 1 USD Dollar = 185.78 PKR, and the next day it could be 1 Dollar = 185.80.

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