Sunil Gavaskar Special Gift To Babar Azam Ahead Of T20 World Cup

Ahead of the marquee event, Babar Azam, who celebrated his 28th birthday on October 15, Sunil Gavaskar Special Gift To Babar Azam

Despite the plethora of talented batsmen in the 2022 T20 World Cup, Babar Azam is one batsman whose performance will be closely watched. The captain of the Pakistan cricket team has been going from strength to strength in the last year.

He is one of the highest-ranked batsmen across all formats, and Pakistani cricket fans are pinning their hopes on the star batsman to win the world title at the T20 World Cup in Australia. Ahead of the marquee event, Babar, who celebrated his 28th birthday on October 15, met Indian legend Sunil Gavaskar. Both talked about cricket and Gavaskar also had a special gift for Babar.

Babar Azam-led Pakistan cricket team will start their T20 World Cup campaign against Rohit Sharma-led India in Melbourne on October 23. Gavaskar said India’s batting depth allows Rohit to capitalize on his chances against the opposition.

“If you have a long batting line-up, you have to play like that. Yes, we want to see him bat long, we want to see him bat for 10-12 overs because then you have confidence. 10 -In 12 overs, the way India bats is a challenge of 120. But because he is starting India to fly and because he has 5,6,7 he Can take the game. Look at the way Hardik Pandya came in today. Toward the end. With that kind of batting order, you can take chances,” Sunil Gavaskar said on Star Sports.

“Obviously, captaining a team is always a big plus for the opposition. It’s like holding the head of a snake as they say. That’s why if you’re an opening batsman, the bowlers call you the captain. To demoralize the team. But this team has a lot of class players.”

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