India Cricket Star Virat Kohli Paranoid over Hotel Video 2022

Virat Kohli Paranoid over Hotel Video: After an “appalling” incident in which intruders allegedly filmed inside his hotel room during the Twenty20 World Cup, India cricket star Virat Kohli says he is paranoid about his privacy.

On Monday, Kohli took to social media to condemn the video, in which a stranger walks through the room filming everything.

A second person was present when the video was taken, but no faces are visible in the footage.

The video, titled “King Kohli’s Hotel Room,” depicts the star batsman’s tidy and well-organized belongings.

It’s unclear where the video was taken or how it ended up in Kohli’s possession.

“I understand that fans are happy and excited to see their favorite players and to meet them, and I’ve always appreciated that,” Kohli wrote to his 221 million Instagram followers.

“However, this video here is appalling, and it has made me very concerned about my privacy.” If I can’t have privacy in my own hotel room, how can I expect to have any personal space at all?

This level of fanaticism and invasion of privacy is not acceptable to me. Please respect people’s privacy and do not exploit them for entertainment purposes.”

On Sunday night, Kohli played in India’s five-wicket loss to South Africa in Perth. The 33-year-old batted only 12 times and caught an easy catch in the deep.

India’s next T20 World Cup match is against Bangladesh on Wednesday in Adelaide.

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