Champions League: How did the group stages finish in 2022?

Champions League: All four of the English teams advanced without incident from the Champions League group stages.

The last week saw a lot of late drama, with goals in additional time helping Tottenham and Benfica secure first place in their respective groups.

Celtic and Rangers are no longer competing in Europe. So who is finished and who is eliminated?

Group A

1 – Napoli (Q)6501+1415
2 – Liverpool (Q)6501+1115
3 – Ajax (EL)6204-56
4 – Rangers (X)6006-200

Tuesday: Liverpool 2-0 Napoli, Rangers 1-3 Ajax

Behind Napoli, Liverpool comes in second place. They defeated the Italians 2-0 to end the group stage, although a victory by two more goals would have been necessary to surpass them.

Rangers finish last in the Champions League group stage with the poorest record in history, while Ajax advances to the Europa League.

Group B

1 – Porto (Q)6402+512
2 – Club Bruges (Q)6321+311
3 – Bayer Leverkusen (EL)6123-45
4 – Atletico Madrid (X)6123-45

Tuesday’s results: Porto 2-1 Atletico Madrid; Bayer Leverkusen 0-0 Club Bruges.

Despite dropping their first two games, Porto became just the second side to win a Champions League group by defeating Atletico Madrid in the last match to secure first place.

For the first time since 2010–11, Atletico is leaving Europe before Christmas.

With a point versus Club Bruges, who had already qualified, Bayer Leverkusen advanced to the Europa League.

Group C

1 – Bayern Munich (Q)6600+1618
2 – Inter Milan (Q)6312+310
3 – Barcelona (EL)621307
4 – Viktoria Plzen (X)6006-190

Tuesday’s results: Viktoria Plzen 2-4 Barcelona and Bayern Munich 2-0 Inter Milan

After five games, all four group spots were determined, rendering Bayern Munich and Barcelona’s victories practically meaningless.

Group D

1 – Tottenham Hotspur (Q)6321+211
2 – Eintracht Frankfurt (Q)6312-110
3 – Sporting Lisbon (EL)6213-17
4 – Marseille (X)620406

Marseille won 1-2 on Tuesday. Sporting Lisbon defeats Tottenham 1-2 The Frankfurt Eintracht

A thrilling Group D finale saw Tottenham Hotspur and Eintracht Frankfurt advance. Both teams were behind 1-0 at the half and were likely to be eliminated from the competition, but they both managed comeback victories to advance.

Marseille attempted to defeat Spurs with a goal that would have advanced them to the knockout stages of the Champions League, but instead, they gave up a late goal that eliminated them from the Europa League and put Spurs in the first position.

Group E

1 – Chelsea (Q)6411+613
2 – AC Milan (Q)6312+510
3 – Salzburg (EL)6132-46
4 – Dinamo Zagreb (X)6114-74

Wednesday: Chelsea 2-1 Dinamo Zagreb, AC Milan 4-0 Salzburg

In their group match, AC Milan destroyed Salzburg to advance to the round of 16. With a victory, the Austrian team would have advanced; instead, they were knocked into the Europa League.

Before defeating Dinamo Zagreb, Chelsea had already clinched the group’s top spot.

Group F

1 – Real Madrid (Q)6411+913
2 – Leipzig (Q)6402+412
3 – Shakhtar Donetsk (EL)6132-26
4 – Celtic (X)6024-112

Real Madrid defeated Celtic 5-1 on Wednesday. Shaktar Donetsk lost to RB Leipzig.

Leipzig advanced to the round of 16 with a convincing victory over Shakhtar Donetsk in Poland. The Ukrainian team, who with a win would have advanced, is currently in the Europa League.

Real beat Celtic, who had already been eliminated, to secure first place.

Group G

1 – Manchester City (Q)6420+1214
2 – Borussia Dortmund (Q)6231+59
3 – Sevilla (EL)6123-65
4 – FC Copenhagen (X)6033-113

Wednesday saw Borussia Dortmund draw 1-1 with Copenhagen and Manchester City defeat Sevilla 3-1.

Since all four group positions were established before the decisive games, the outcomes are virtually meaningless.

Group H

1 – Benfica (Q)6420+914
2 – Paris St-Germain (Q)6420+914
3 – Juventus (EL)6105-43
4 – Maccabi Haifa (X)6105-143

Juve defeated Maccabi and Paris St. Germain 1-2 on Wednesday. Haifa 1-6 Benfica

Following a tie on all other metrics, Benfica edged out Paris St. Germain for the top spot on away goals.

For the first time in Champions League history, the top two teams in a group had identical wins, draws, losses, points, goals scored, and goals conceded. Benfica’s 92nd-minute goal gave them a 6-1 victory.

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