Premier League prize money: How much can each team earn in the 2022-23 season?

Premier League prize money: The world’s most lucrative league is back and all 20 clubs are guaranteed huge success before a ball is kicked.

A prize pot of more than £160m is on offer for the eventual Premier League champions but even relegated teams will bank north of £100m.

The league hasn’t made prize money public since the halfway point of the last decade, but the margin is known and means estimates can be easily made.

In 2022/23 the broadcast pot will rise again from last season’s nearly £2.5bn, an increase on last season’s figure.

But money isn’t entirely down to where clubs finish in the table – as Tottenham Hotspur showed, marginally higher than Chelsea last season.

All 20 clubs receive an equal base payment from the TV rights, which were worth around £84m last season, clubs then receive additional money depending on how often they are selected for home TV. Do banking.

Parallel to this is the merit pay system. Clubs everywhere in the table were worth around £2.2m last season, meaning even those in mid-table – despite the clash – were off the coast with weeks left in the campaign.

Just seven points separated Leicester City from Aston Villa last season but the difference of six places in the table means a difference of £13.2m – in other words the majority of the fee paid for Philippe Coutinho.

And while at first glance the dividend split between those near the top and bottom might not seem like a change, these figures are before factoring in the carrot of reaching the Champions League.

Liverpool, for example, banked around £90m from their run to the final and clubs will be guaranteed £13m this season just for reaching the group stage with top-ups based on performance, including £2.3m per win. In the Europa League, these figures have shrunk to £3m and £527,000 but it is not yet known when they will be collected.

In contrast, winning the FA Cup is worth less than £5m in prize money, with the EFL Cup closer to £1m.

Unsurprisingly, the Premier League also bests the rest of Europe’s major leagues – the La Liga champions stand to earn around £135m, the winners in Germany around £90m, and Serie A the top prize. The year was similar.

2021/22 prize money

1 Manchester City £161.3m 2 Liverpool £159.8m 3 Tottenham £152.1m 4 Chelsea £151.7m 5 Arsenal £151.6m 6 Man United £150.2m 7 West Ham £150.2m 4 Leicester £142m. 9 Newcastle £131.5m, 10 Brighton £130.6m, 11 Wolves £128.2m, 12 Crystal Palace £124.3m, 13 Aston Villa £123.3m, 14 Brentford £121m, 15 Everton, £10.16m. Southampton £113.3m, 18 Burnley £106.1m, 19 Watford £104.6m, 20 Norwich £100.3m.

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